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Regent Limousine

This is our newest addition to the fleet and has been chosen as it was hand built  specifically as the perfect wedding car.

With the style of the 1930's but using modern mechanical's, this offers the best of both worlds with the options of carrying up to six passengers or allowing for a very spacious interior for the  happy couple. 

Be one of the first to travel in this ultimate limousine for your wedding in Jersey.


1949 Austin FL1 Limousine

This limousine with its drop down occasional seats can carry six passengers, which makes it the perfect choice for the bridesmaids, or with the seats stored away makes for a very spacious and luxurious way for the happy couple to travel on their wedding day. 

When combined with the Regent Limousine this makes for a stunning wedding car combination but please enquire early as both cars are very popular individually and as a combination.

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