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Cars for sale - Not wedding related but may be of interest.

My love of classic cars sometimes means I have a classic car or two for sale which either belong to myself or may be for sale on behalf of others.


1967 Daimler V8 Automatic


Please call Mark on 07797722686 or e-mail for more details and a convenient time to view this low mileage superb investment Daimler V8 .

I am advertising this superb Daimler for the owner who has decided  to offer the car for sale due to not using it as much as he would like. I sold the car to him in 2019 after owning the car for thirteen years where it was used in my wedding car business and as my special occasion car.

The Daimler was delivered to the late Mr Horace Pountney in Jersey on the 19th April 1967. Mr Pountney's daughter indicated that her father employed a chauffeur to drive the vehicle.

When he passed away in 1978 ownership passed to his widow, then on to his daughter in 1982. She in turn sold the car to Mr Chris Simpson who sold it to me through Le Riche Restorers classic car sales in 2006. As I own a classic car wedding limousine business I registered and used the car under my business name of Style Hire Ltd. I passed the ownership over to the current owner a couple of years ago.

The car comes with the original bill of sale, original registration documents, owners service policy, radio and seatbelt documentation and a vast selection of service records which make for fascinating reading. 

In 2006 when I first purchased the car, the paint finish was Golden Sand Metallic and in worn and faded condition therefore I removed all the exterior trim and stripped the body down to bare metal which revealed an almost pristine shell with almost no corrosion and all the factory lead loading in perfect order. The small repairs shown in the below images were carried out and etch followed by two pack primer was applied, than top coated in Jaguar Old English white clear over base in a commercial refinishing oven.  You will note in the following images that the door gaps are exactly as produced by Daimler as no outer panels have been replaced.

The interior leather was in good condition but the carpets and vinyl door cars were worn, therefore carpets, door trims, headlining, furflex and all rubber door seals were replaced with all parts coming from Aldridge Trimming who are in my opinion the best supplier of Jaguar/Daimler trim. The leather seats were stripped down to there original hide colour and re-dyed to match the door panels. 

The interior woodwork lacquer had faded, therefore all the wood was removed from the car and the lacquer removed and new stain and 16 coats of new lacquer applied after sanding back after every 4 coats to produce the finish results you now see now.

New front and rear screen seals were replaced along with the boot seal.

The chrome work on the car is in amazing original condition with only the hubcaps being replaced which had a small amount of pitting on them.

Mechanically the car was in good condition but to ensure reliability a detailed examination and refurbish was carried out which included a radiator re-core, all new hoses and stainless steel metal heater pipes replaced. The water pump was removed and the water galleries blasted through with a pressure washer before a new water pump and all pully belts replaced. 

All brake wheel cylinders, hoses, pipes, discs and pads replaced along with a 30% uprated remote brake servo.

The rear crankshaft oil seal was replaced along with the sump and rocker cover gaskets.

Points, plugs, condenser, coil, distributor cap and leads were replaced and a full electrical tune up carried out.

The carburettors were stripped and rebuilt along with all fuel hoses and filters changed.

The rear wheel bearings were replaced and a full suspension check was carried out which involved replacing a few track rod ends.

All fluids were changed and the automatic gearbox filter replaced.

All work has been carried out by myself who has over 30 experience restoring vintage and classic cars after gaining a diploma in classic car restoration in the 1980's.

From 2007 to 2019 I have personally used the Daimler as my special and holiday car travelling to Paris on two occasions and holidays to the UK and I also took my son to University in Liverpool. I would happily jump in this car today and take it any ware in the world as its constant maintenance and regular use has proved its faultless reliability. Whilst in my ownership the car has been serviced yearly with oil changes every 500 - 1000 miles and all maintenance carried out as required. The mileage is still only 53000 miles with history to prove this. The car was purchased new in 1967 in Jersey in the Channel Isles which is only 9 miles by 5 miles and until recently never used salt on the roads, which goes some way to understanding its condition and mileage. It is understood that this car has always been garaged and maintained.

The car has also been used in my wedding cars hire business and has completed over 150 wedding whilst being charged out at £400 per day which has given me an income of £60,000 over 12 Years.

I have listed in the below images the known faults which are very minor and would cost very little to rectify. The Automatic gearbox has always leaked a little fluid if the car is left standing for an extended period but if used monthly this is not a problem. The engine is almost leak free with only the very occasional drip onto the garage floor. The original power steering box has been a constant problem from new with the service history showing many occasions where the unit had been re sealed or replaced, In my ownership I re sealed the pump on two occasions, but eventually during its yearly PSV inspection it failed again due to leaks and I researched the problem only to find that this was a known fault and no supplier was willing to guarantee a leak free replacement. I eventually tracked down a steering box re-conditioner in Australia who employed an engineer who worked for the original manufacturer who laughed when I said I wanted a leak free steering box. My only option was to replace the steering box with a steering rack conversion, but these were designed to use an electric pump which was not to my liking, therefore I used the original Daimler hydraulics and was amazed with the results which has transformed the driving experience for the better. I have kept all the original steering parts if anyone was tempted to return the system to leaky originality.

The car always starts first time and ticks over smoothly on the choke which can be turned off after a very short time.

The original Britax seatbelts will be supplied with the car but due to safety concerns inertia seatbelts were fitted to four seats and a lap belt fitted to the rear central seat. A battery charger/conditioner is wired into the car with the connection for the charger positioned in the drivers footwell. A interior car cover is included in the sale.

There is an extensive spares package supplied with the car.

Important note

The Daimler is located in Jersey in the Channel Isles which is located  just off the French coast and if taken back to the UK mainland will be subject to import duties which I have been advised are 5% of the sale price listed on the bill of sale, and will need to be registered with the local licencing office. If the car is exported to anywhere else in the world the new owner will be responsible for all import duties and registration fees in that location.

There is a fast ferry to the UK most days and takes 4 hours to reach Poole on the south coast. There are daily flights to Jersey at reasonable cost and Jersey is a wonderful place to visit for a short weekend away.


Power steering rack conversion

A conversion was made using a kit from M&C Wilkinson Ltd but I used the original power steering hydraulics from the Daimler in preference to the electric system normally used. The transformation was due to never being able to cure the original power steering box from leaking but the results transformed the car for the better.

Daimler V8

Daimler V8

Short Video

Daimler V8

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